Welcome to the MAS Internet Domain

Welcome to the MAS Umbrella Internet Domain.   There are sub-domains and web sites here for many organizations.  Some are community service sites for local organizations in the New York City area.  Most provide leadership meeting areas and planning tools.  Some provide support for specific client groups.  Each organization determines which of its members participate in its site. 

If you are looking for a site with a masny.com address, please ask your organization (your IT rep, or department manager) for the direct address, your User ID, and your password. 


What's a MASNY?

Management Advancement Services is a New York City management consulting firm, started by Dr. Matt Kahn in 1980 and specializing in Applied Organizational Psychology. 

This site was started to provide client information and support.  It soon grew into a multi-site domain serving a wide variety of organizations.


Community Service Sites:  Meeting areas or announcement sites for civic associations, self-help groups, charitable operations, religious organizations, and other neighborhood, and community resources. 

Each organization's site provides news, surveys, meeting areas, etc. for its officers, internal committees, and membership groups.  Each manages its own site.

MAS Professional Services: Psychological services for organizations wanting to increase their effectiveness.
Contact:  Your questions and comments are welcome.
Web Site Issues
  or  Professional Services

The MAS Computer User Group  is a computer-oriented club.   It is totally free.  It has served computer professionals and advanced users electronically since 1984.  All who share our focus are welcome.



Totally free, strictly noncommercial

This moderated forum offers information sharing and tips. Its purpose is helpfulness.  

The focus is mostly technical -- on computer hardware and software issues in particular.  Its focus has expanded to other technical matters, like audio and photography, and some general consumer and nontechnical interests as well. 

  What's not here:

No fees, subscriptions, donations, or charges of any kind

No advertising.  No sales.  

No personal data is sold or shared.  Indeed, personal data is neither collected nor wanted.


Under Construction

The MAS Computer User Group discussion forum is under construction.  When the new system is available, it will say so here, and the links to it will work.  Tech questions can still be answered by e-mail.